Hey, bold CEO! Something exciting is coming and it might just be what you and your business need...

bold business school



You want consistent revenue. Passive income that comes month after month + doing work that matters + having FREEDOM. This is what Bold Business School is all about! Giving you the content + tools + practices + accountability + community to get ahead in the game.

Basically, I’ll help you do the things you know you should be doing online (email marketing, launching, sales, marketing, creating digital products, reframing your money mindset, etc.) but you never actually started working on. I’ll do that through strategic content, tools and practices, guest experts, being part of your life every month for the next year, supporting you and helping you stay accountable thanks to the Inner Circle (our secret community of action-oriented aspiring bold CEOs who are ready to play a bigger game online).

What you get as a member:

– 12 months with strategic content
– Monthly workshops
– Access to a private, exclusive community
– Monthly challenges, rituals, workbooks, audio files, and more
– Monthly guest experts
– Constant access to me and support from me
– Bonus Vault
– more surprises

Once inside BBS, I won’t leave you wondering what to work on in the next 12 months, or let you get discouraged.

One of the main reasons why a membership works is the accountability aspect, the exclusive forum that gives you this safe space to share anything you’re going through in business and in life, hear from others, see what they are working on, get direct access to me on any topic, and even make friends with some of the other bold CEOs in the program.

There’s a saying that people join a membership for the content, but they stay for the community. And one of my goals here is to create a community worth staying for.

bold business school

Want to be one of the founding members (and get an early-bird price) when doors open?